Kinven Spray


Kinven Sprays are available in 3 portable sizes that fit perfectly into your bag, pouch, and even pocket! Each bottle is induced with natural oils that keep mosquitoes and bugs away from kids and adults. A reliable DEET-free insect repellent, that can also be used to recharge our stylish, faux leather Kinven bands. It is the best solution that provides indoor and outdoor protection from harmful insect and mosquito bites!


100% SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PREGNANT WOMEN. Infused with essential natural oils, it is non-toxic and medically tested to be effective.REPEL POWER THAT LASTS UP TO 4HRS. The concentrated yet safe protection that lasts long. It works on your skin, clothing, and personal belongings.NO UNPLEASANT ODOR. Active ingredients such as peppermint and rosemary repel mosquitoes without leaving a strong odor on the skin.

Kinven Spray 1oz

Kinven Spray 2oz

Kinven Spray 4oz