Kinven EVA Insect Repellent Band – Effective, Safe, and DEET-FREE (GREEN)

Kinven EVA Insect Repellent Band – Effective, Safe, and DEET-FREE (GREEN)


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  • DOMINATE THE BUGS: Strike them when they are around! With Kinven EVA Insect Repellent Bracelet, all bugs and their buddies can rest in peace while you have the time of your life!
  • SAFE FOR YOU, NOT THE BUGS: Non-toxic and safe, keep your focus on the things that matter the most and let Kinven Micro-fiber Anti Mosquito Bracelet do the task of fending off those annoying mosquitoes!
  • STAY ACTIVE: Rest or not, don’t let your guard down and with Kinven Micro-fiber Anti Mosquito Bracelet, bugs are kept at a distance so you can stay active!v
  • ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL: Ideal for the whole family, your kids and your elders will enjoy using our product knowing that you chose a guaranteed effective mosquito repellent band!
  • 100% ALL-NATURAL, SAFE MOSQUITO REPELLENT BRACELET: Built with 100% all-natural and safe ingredients. Our bug repellent bracelet is safe for use by children since our bracelets aren’t made with DEET or any harmful substances. Your children can safely use our mosquito repellent bracelets all day, always!

LONG LASTING MATERIALS: Our anti-mosquito band is made from sturdy components which will surpass the 7-day anti-mosquito effect to ensure user satisfaction!

WATERPROOF HIGH-QUALITY ANTI-MOSQUITO BRACELET: Concerned that our mosquito repellent band will lose efficacy when soaked during rain or when swimming? It won’t! Kinven Micro-fiber Anti Mosquito Bracelet is waterproof and won’t lose all the anti-mosquito components even after your splashy sessions!

SECURE AND STYLISH: Kinven Micro-fiber Anti Mosquito Bracelet has pre-made adjustable options to fit all arm and hand sizes, it is also secure and won’t fall off during the course of all your fun-filled action!


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