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    Bearant After Bite Itch Relief Stick

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    Bearant After Bite Itch Relief Stick

    Bearant After Bite Stick is a reliable all-natural relief for insect bites and the pain and itching that follow. It comes in a stick with a roll-on tip for easy topical application.

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    Bearant Elastic Lice Repellent Hair Bands

    That annoying head itch has to stop! with Bearant Lice Band, you now have a Natural and Effective way to get rid of the pests running around your hair. It is DEET FREE and has an ALL NATURAL formula that is sure to keep those nasty lice away.

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    Bearant Black Mosquito Zapper Lamp

    Tired of waking up to mosquito bites? or simply tired of mosquitoes? Then this is a solution for you, the Bearant Mosquito Zapper Lamp is made to attract mosquitoes and zap them the moment it touches or goes near the lamp. It’s full proof to get rid of those nasty little insects!